How long is the Wales Coast Path?  The path is 1400km long – or if you want it in miles* – Conversion.

How long will it take me to walk the Wales Coast Path? Depends how fast you can walk!! If you’re walking 14km a day, you’ll take 100 days to walk it. You’d need to walk 47kms a day to complete it in a month. You’d need to run ultra distances of 100km a day to complete it in a fortnight! Run or walk a marathon a day and you’ll complete it in 33 1/3 days.

Which direction should we walk the Wales Coast Path? We’ve described it North To South.

Where does the Wales Coast Path Start / End? Depending on direction, it starts at the border near Chester and ends near Chepstow.

When did the Wales Coast Path Open? May 5th, 2012.

Are there Distance Tables available? Coming Soon….

What’s the fastest completion to date? Any takers!

Can I cycle the Wales Coast Path? Sections, yes. Not in its entirety.

Can I bring my dog? Only if the dog wants to come. Seriously, yes – just follow common sense and ensure the dog is under control. Keep on a lead when notices demand as much of the coast path is along sheep country.

We said frequently asked questions, at no point did we suggest this page would contain answers.. Yet!

*Maps have been metric since the early 70s and it only makes sense to use metric when we refer to Ordnance Survey maps and navigation. Convert your units if you wish.

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