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Posted on August 16, 2019


If you have anything to say, then your first port of call should be to ask at our Mud and Routes- Walk the Wales Coast Path forum.

We regret that our staff cannot respond to specific route advice enquiries. But by all means do post in the above forum so that the advice can be of benefit to all. We’ll be monitoring the forum above and tweeting the questions on social media so you’ll have the benefit of other expert voices chipping in with excellent advice.

We do not provide guided walks or holidays, and thus we regret that we cannot respond to such enquiries. But please do refer to our  up and coming business directory for a list of current providers.

Any spam or “black-hat” SEO collaboration enquiries will be deleted.

Please do let us know if you find a mistake, or outdated information. We rely on our community to keep our vast data base current.

Please do keep any contact polite! Rude, abusive or stroppy messages will find themselves on the bottom of the to do list, or simply deleted. We look forward to hearing from you, team Walk the Wales Coast Path.

As we are part of the Mud and Routes network, please contact us via Mud and Routes. Remember to mention which website you’re contacting us about!